Why we do it – the C word

“We can create endless opportunities for young people BUT without a strong community these opportunities risk not being sustainable.”

For it’s first 2 years of life Mendip Mower Racing was run by the Rotary Club. As it grew, in 2013, they approached YMCA Somerset Coast to take over it’s management and continue it’s charitable aims for the community.

YMCA feel pretty strongly about community. This is because we can create endless opportunities for young people BUT without a strong community these opportunities risk not being sustainable. Everything is better for everyone when there is a strong and supportive community base. By working with communities we hope to guarantee future stability for the people we work with, on top of short term achievements.

We try to deliver that feeling through Mendip Mower Racing by creating something which delivers something for all ages and areas of the community – with a focus on and encouraging people to try something new.

“We believe that anyone – regardless of age, gender, religion or background – given the right tools and support, can achieve anything and fulfill their full potential. And we see this every day.” 

Apprentices info graphicDuring 2015 YMCA Somerset Coast supported 475 young people and families with accommodation and care, supplied homeless emergency and supported accommodation for 36,053 nights, alongside providing training and apprenticeships for 40 young people. Working across Somerset and North Somerset. This is just a snippet of our daily work and sadly the need in our communities is increasing every year, so we appreciate your support.

We believe in Young People.

Some of our work includes:

Long term supported accommodation for almost 300  vulnerable young people in Somerset, Nightstop Emergency Accommodation with host families for rough sleepers, homeless outreach work for all ages. We believe that everyone should have a safe place to stay

Training and education opportunities. Apprenticeships, work placements and social enterprise schemes in which young people can develop and grow.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential

Supporting families by providing youth clubs and activity groups, sports clubs and affordable school holiday childcare, a nursery and afterschool clubs. We believe that every family should have the support they need

Health and fitness opportunities at our affordable gyms and classes where all ages and abilities are welcomed. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise

Drop-in support hubs to offer advice about homelessness, housing issues, mental health and other services. We believe that every young person should have someone they can trust

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are very proud of the work that we do and of the young people and projects that we support.

Some of our latest projects include Barley Wood Nursery, Barley Wood Wedding Venue and further developments at The Beach Hotel. All of these are YMCA Somerset Coast Social Enterprise projects which offer training and apprenticeships and also a home for young people.

Find out more or visit the YMCA Somerset Coast’s website