And that’s all folks!

Another great year with a whole lot of great people.

So many huge thanks to be dished out, to the brilliant Mowers for entertaining us, the wonderful bands, the company sponsors who help us to cover our running costs, all the food stalls and concessions, the beer tent for keeping us hydrated, Rob for the wonderful photos, the sun for constantly shining, YMCA Somerset Coast Staff who give up their time to ensure the weekend runs smoothly and finally the biggest thanks goes to YOU!!

We are thrilled with the amount of people who attended this year and thrilled that the reason why we put on this event was listened too and supported by everyone.

There are more Young People who face homelessness in our area than ever before. The problem is growing rapidly and we cannot do what we need to do to help without your valuable support.

We don’t just provide a bed, we provide opportunities and that is something we are SO proud of.

We truly believe in YOUNG PEOPLE and we feel like many of you truly believe also!

To find out more about why, what, how and when we do what we do please visit our website.

You’ve all been simply amazing!!

Big LOVE and big thanks.

MMR Team/YMCA Somerset Coast 😊